Spotlight Athlete

Emily S. Our Spotlight Female Athlete

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I fell in love with Crossfit over two years ago. I started coming as a way to fight depression without taking drugs. It worked as prescribed. The more I came the better I felt. Two months after I started, just as I was starting to see the anti-depressant benefits really kicking in, I got pregnant with our sixth child. I knew I had to keep coming, so I did. It was frustrating watching my ability decrease, and having to scale down more and more, but I was able to maintain a healthy pregnancy and still work on technique some.

Since the birth of my baby, I have loved being able to push myself to try a little harder and dig a little deeper to see what I can do. I really enjoy lifting, and have learned that with consistent practice, even an old dog can eventually learn a new trick – like double unders!

Comments From the Trainers-

Emily is a great athlete. She is the example of persistence equals payoff. Watching her grow bay #6 while busting out her moves on a daily basis was nothing short of amazing. And as she says she’s back and it won’t surprise anyone if we see her headed to the regionals and maybe the games some day!

Erik J. Our Spotlight Male Athlete

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I started at Ben Lomond Cross fit October 13th 2014. I have lost 40+ lbs in less than 90 days with the help of the professional and experienced trainers at Ben Lomond Cross fit. Also, with the great support and motivation of the Ben Lomond Cross fit family, and the help of a strict diet given in a nutrition program I signed up for as well. This community has become my new addiction and without them I would not be where I am today. The workouts are very challenging, both mentally and physically, but they pay off in the end. I have had both my stamina and endurance change for the better along with my strength. My favorite Cross fit movements would be any that push me to better myself each time I do them. Even with how much I hate Bur-pees they challenge me mentally and physically and I feel I get better at them each time we do them. I love what I have accomplished so far and will continue to work hard at my goal of losing 100+ lbs. so stay tuned! I have no doubt this can be done with the help of the Ben Lomond Cross fit family!

Comments From The Trainers-

Erik is creating an amazing story. His dedication and heart is none other. He’s willing to do what ever we ask of him even when his mind and body want to scream NO way! Watching Erik transform is truly inspiring to all of the BLCF Members. Can’t wait to see him reach his 100lb goal. Way to be Erik!