Erin S

George Queen

George QLost 40 pounds in the first four months. Went from only being able to run a quarter mile without stopping to over five miles. Initially had difficulty doing singles and can now do over 70 unbroken doube unders.

Favorite movement: back squat

Least favorite movement: overhead squat

Heather Saenz

heather 2I moved to Utah about 5 years ago now and before that I was eating right and working out about 5 times per week at my home. After moving, my life changed and so did everything else. I didn’t exercise as much and eating what I wanted, that soon caught up with me. Last December, my husband, Bobby, and I realized that enough was enough. I told him that no matter what he choose to do we were doing it together, it was that whole accountability thing. He decided that we would start doing Cross Fit and looked at the local gyms from Layton to North Ogden.

We decided to give Ben Lomond Cross Fit a try and our whole world was turned up-side-down. From the start, we were eating better and going to the gym, sore or not, 5-6 days a week. The sense of accomplishment after completing some the WOD’s was pretty rewarding. Looking at the results that we’ve had keeps us coming back. I’ve lost 20 pounds since we started, but I’ve also built muscle tone and I keep having to buy new clothes, which isn’t a bad thing. Working on our skills not only keeps us motivated it also continues to show us results of better PR’s and faster times. The comradery and the friends we’ve made has made this whole journey so worthwhile, we love our Ben Lomond Cross Fit Family!

Shelly Mott

Shelly M newI am a 47 year old wife, mother and nurse, which means that most of my adult life has involved taking care of others in some form or fashion. So, with the utmost certainty, I can say that the most important thing that Crossfit has done for me is to teach me how to take care of ME! Something, I had long forgotten how to do! Crossfit has taught me that I still possess desire, determination and discipline. That those voices in my head that used to whisper “I WISH” now scream “I WILL!!!” I am back to setting goals for myself, trusting the process and am having success!

Now, I’m not exactly sure what it was that made me get in my car and drive to Ben Lomond Crossfit, but I’m pretty sure it was the disastrous Doctors appt. I had, in which, the news regarding my health status was bleak and the prognosis was poor. Even still, I have no idea why I even walked through the front door. After doing all the necessary research about Crossfit in advance… the one phrase that kept alarming me was the tag line “Forging Elite Fitness!” Seriously, there was nothing “elite” or “fit” about me and I was almost sure that they would take one look at me and laugh me out the front door!! I could not have been more wrong. Iwas warmly welcomed, supported, encouraged, trained and trained again!! And perhaps, that is the second most important thing that Crossfit has done for me, it has offered me a community of people who support and encourage instead of sabotage and enable. Everyday athletes who have become my inspiration, my challengers, my friends. And finally, Crossfit is helping me to set the right example… the best example… a healthy example for my family! I mean, what Mom wouldn’t be proud to hear their son tell a friend that, “Yeah, my Mom does Crossfit! She does push-ups, pull-ups and burpees! I think she can even deadlift about ten of me!” Or what wife wouldn’t want their husband to look at them after describing the WOD and say “Total respect babe… total respect!” Today, I am happier, healthier, stronger and fitter ME. The confidence that I have gained through Crossfit now translates into all aspects of my life. So much so that people are always asking me about my Crossfit experience. Instead of filling their heads with fear talking about “Forging Elite Fitness” and what that means, I simply say “Crossfit creates athletes out of anyone who is willing to walk through the door and put in the work!” If that is something that you want… then Crossfit is for you!” And as for me… Yes, Crossfit is“Forging Elite Fitness” in me!!

Bobby S

bobby newA year ago I was the heaviest I have ever been, 232 lbs. I know that does not sound like a lot but for someone only 5’7” and age 46 it was an eye opener. I have always been the athletic type but felt sluggish, tired, and lacked energy. My wife Heather (also a success story) and I decided to give CrossFit a try. I became a BLCF member. After the first month I was down 17 pounds and 15 more after the second month. By the end of June I weighed 191 pounds and was down to 13% body fat. I have seen results from weight loss to improved strength in the last year. I think the best thing that comes from CrossFit is the camaraderie. It is a different feeling when people push you then to try and just push yourself.

With the guidance of the coaches and the BLCF family I have achieved many goals and continue to strive for more. CrossFit is in my blood now. Thanks BLCF!!!!

Jelene W

Jelene  newI’ll be 45 this year and although I’m still trying to learn better eating habits as I age and my metabolism begins to betray me, I believe by my birthday in September I’ll be in the best shape of my life. I was typically more on the petite side but I’m sure I was “skinny fat” with a poor muscle to fat body composition. I enjoy the challenge that coming to ?Ben Lomond ?CrossFit presents each and every day I walk through the door and knowing that I’m working hard to improve myself. When asked what my goal was at my foundations class I responded that I wanted to be able to see my abs.

Of course abs are made in the kitchen and I’m still working to get a handle on things like eating and sleeping properly to match my training but I can see the upper abs where there isn’t as much “cushion” around the outside and I’ve definitely developed muscle definition in areas I wasn’t even really trying to get it, which is kinda fun?!?

Cortney R

Cortney R
Favorite movement: Cleans
Least favorite: burpees (it’s a love hate thing)
I started crossfit in June of 2012 and have my ups and downs. The thing I really enjoy about Ben Lomond Crossfit is the community and friendships we have at our box. I really enjoy when we get “newbies” and how everyone is welcoming and a great support group for the new member.

I had several good friends who for several years tried to convince me to try crossfit. Not really knowing anything about crossfit I started to look into it. I was very intimidated at the movements and felt that I couldn’t do crossfit because I couldn’t do pull-ups. Finally I gave it a try and found everything is scalable and anyone can do it. Know I’m addicted!!!!

I’m extremely grateful for the coaches who are there to help me along and push me to my limits. Like I said at the start I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve been at a high and in a good routine and feeling I’m moving forward then have a set back and every time Kelly gets on my case and gets me going again.

A year or so ago I went into the doctor for a yearly check up. My doctor wasn’t to pleased with my weight and found my cholesterol was high and my blood pressure was a little high as well. My doctor put me on cholesterol medicine and told me I would be on it the rest of my life. I refuse to rely on a pill to keep me healthy so I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. I changed my diet and committed myself to do better. After six months I returned to my doctor for a follow up. Because of crossfit and following the Paleo eating plans I had lost nearly 40 pounds and brought my cholesterol and blood pressure back into the normal range. My doctor took my off the medication and I haven’t needed it since. That was a great sense of accomplishment and made me realize how important exercise and eating right is.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of joining Ben Lomond Crossfit is to do it. Don’t let the workouts intimidate you, there is always a way to scale the workouts for your level. Also give it some time, work through the soreness and learn to love the feeling of pushing your body to the limit and bettering yourself. It really is amazing how crossfit has changed my life.

Karen C

KarenI am almost 58 years old and started doing Crossfit 2 years ago. My goal when I started was to “get stronger”. At that time I couldn’t get off​ ​the floor without having something or someone to help me up. I realized how out of shape I was during the ​first ​Foundations Class. Aaron and Kelly knew they had their work cut out for them when I couldn’t come close to doing a squat nor could I do 2 consecutive knee push ups or​ ​……….like I said I was really out of shape. I think they swallowed their tongues when I showed up the next day — I don’t think they thought they’d see me again. After 2 years I have definitely gotten stronger! I can now squat! I still have to scale most WODs and thats OK. The​ ​coaches are incredible as are the other members. They encourage and lift (i’m not meaning as in weight). I never leave feeling discouraged unless I’ve done it to myself by spending the time comparing myself to those around me. At Crossfit you are only competing with yourself.

I can’t say I have a favorite crossfit move. However, I do have favorite WOD formats. I love EMOM, 12 Days of Christmas, and I loved doing ​​the “2014” this year. I enjoy Crossfit because regardless of the WOD I can scale if needed and do some form of every movement that​ ​gives me a good workout. I have realized that even though I am older my body is capable of incredible things!!