What is CrossFit

New to CrossFit?

Congratulations! The fact that you have found us means you are curious about one of the fastest growing fitness movements on Earth. It doesn’t matter if you’ve landed here because you are inspired by the latest Reebok commercial or because your co-worker, friend, mother or brother is currently doing CrossFit… regardless, we’d like to welcome you to Ben Lomond Crossfit!

The very first thing you will discover is that CrossFit does not discriminate. Whether you are 70 years old, or have just completed your 30th marathon, are recovering from injury or overcoming a health challenge, whether walking up the stairs in your house is the only exercise you’ve had in years, or you’re someone training for a triathlon or a bodybuilding competition… CrossFit will help you achieve your fitness goals.

One of the things that makes CrossFit so unique is our community of people from literally every walk of life: soccer moms, elite athletes, students, CEOs, Members of the military, firefighters, you name it. The people that train with us come in all sizes, shapes and ages; and because of that, our workouts are designed for anyone to do them.
Yes, anyone!

“Scalability” is a word that you will hear frequently here at Ben Lomond Crossfit. During each class, everyone does the same workout, but that workout will always have several scaling options. This makes it possible for all of us – with our different body types, personal goals and levels of ability – to work alongside one another safely. We motivate one another, cheer one another on, and sometimes participate in some healthy competition. But, ultimately, every workout is yours alone. Your workout = your pace.

What is CrossFit?

Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, founded CrossFit, Inc. in 2000. In his years coaching elite athletes, Coach Glassman found that the best way to achieve optimal fitness was not through specialization but rather through “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.” In short, this means combining elements of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, rowing and core conditioning to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance and agility.

That means that every day brings a different workout (or “WOD”), incorporating any combination of these elements. At Ben Lomond CrossFit you (yes, you!) will jump rope, climb ropes, swing kettle bells and flip tires. you will work at pull ups, muscle ups, hand stands, pushups, and hand-stand pushups. You will practice squats, dips, cleans, jerks, snatches and deadlifts as well as rowing, running and box jumps. Each day will bring different exercises always specifically designed to work on different muscle groups and/or cardiovascular strength. The beauty of our sport is that we are all in it together, motivating one another.


Is a community of individuals from all walks of life who believe in working hard to reach their health and fitness goals. Whether you are a world class athlete or someone who just wants to get into shape, Ben Lomond CrossFit is here to help you. We believe fitness is about results and working out shouldn’t waste our time. Life is too short not to have fun so when it comes to training, we do the things that work, period! Classes are instructor-led, and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation. The experience you will have at Ben Lomond CrossFit is unlike any other gym. From our friendly environment to our outstanding coaching staff you will genuinely look forward to training.

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